Remote Recording

Enhance the emotional impact of your music by adding live strings! I can record for your project and send it back to your studio – anywhere in the world!

What is a remote recording?

I will record isolated string parts for you from my home studio, which you can mix into your project as you see fit. This could be solo lines, or single stems to layer with string samples in order to make them sound more realistic. This is especially useful for when you don’t have the budget for a full orchestra and studio time, but your samples just aren’t cutting it! A single violin can go a long way to elevating the quality of your music production. I can also play viola if needed.

How does it work?

Contact me and tell me a bit about your project! Sending any mockups or sheet music would be especially helpful to see what your project requires. If you need me to create my own part from a midi stem, that’s ok, too! I will work with you to make sure I understand what you need so I can give you the best performance possible.

I’ll let you know what specific files I need to get started and then record it from my home studio – and then Dropbox the files back to you when finished! Revisions are welcome, I want you to be 100% happy with it.

Why hire me?

I am a full time session player in Nashville, and my credits include Destiny 2, Call of Duty WWII and Black Ops 3, Ori and the Blind Forest, and many more! I opened my home studio a few years ago and specialize in recording for games, film, and TV projects. Check out some samples below:

  1. of Shadows; of the Unsung (Masquerada) - virtuoso violin solo & virtual orchestra Josh Whelchel 0:19
  2. The Desecration of Power (Hero of Time) - action solo violin Wayne Strange 0:33
  3. of Eternal Breath (Masquerada) - expressive violin solo & virtual orchestra Josh Whelchel 0:36
  4. Be Wherever You Are (Steven Universe) - bouncy violin & live vocal/instruments aivi & surasshu 0:35
  5. Tyger, Tyger (Beyond Libra) - violin 1 & 2, single pass layered with samples Wilbert Roget II 0:36


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"Patti is an excellent violinist and a fun professional to work with. Her remote recording setup is superb, and she has the technical chops and experience to deliver fast, quality results. Patti recently completed a very large project with me and a few other instrumentalists and she provided quality AND quantity. I couldn’t be happier!"

Josh Whelchel | composer