Recent releases with Materia Collective and The Travelers

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Lots of new & exciting releases since my last update! I have had the pleasure to be a part of many album projects and collaborations and wanted to share a few of them on here.

I have been involved with the Materia Collective since the very first album, MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII Remixed, and since then have also contributed to SUCCESSOR: Final Fantasy VIII Remixed, and NIBEL: Ori and the Blind Forest RemixedRecently I performed for two tracks on ENRAPTURED: BioShock Remixedwhich was the featured soundtrack for the BioShock episode of the Twenty-Five Games for My Son series; and one track for ZODIAC: Final Fantasy Tactics Remixedwhich just released earlier this month.

The debut album by The Travelers releases today, featuring VGM favorites and obscure selections in European folk arrangements of various styles from Celtic, Nordic, and Slavic tradition. I contributed as violinist for one track on this album and feel very honored to have been invited for this project. Check it out!