Hero of Time (Music from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

Hero of Time is an epic re-imagining of the soundtrack to Nintendo’s timeless adventure RPG, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Hero of Time is unprecedented in many ways, setting out to arrange and record with a full 64-piece orchestra the most poignant moments from the game. After finding success on Kickstarter with over 1,000 backers contributing over $50,000, this dream has become a reality.

“Orchestral recordings of music from The Legend of Zelda have become increasingly popular over the last several years,” notes arranger and project director Eric Buchholz. “With Hero of Time, we sought to create a single, cohesive experience that weaves all of the complex underlying themes of the game, like impermanence and mortality, with Koji Kondo’s timeless melodies that have become as iconic as the game itself. The orchestration takes an ‘east-meets-west’ approach, with the inclusion of taiko ensembles, eastern woodwinds, and harmonies found prevalent in Japanese film and game scores.”

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and related Zelda properties are © Nintendo. Materia Collective LLC, Eric Buchholz, and the Hero of Time team are in no way affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected to Nintendo with respect to this album. Musical compositions are © 1998 Nintendo and are used with permission. Mechanical licensing facilitated by re:discover, Inc. d/b/a Loudr.

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released March 27, 2017

Presented by Materia Collective

Themes by Koji Kondo
Composed and Arranged by Eric Buchholz
Orchestration by Eric Buchholz
Executive Producer: Sebastian Wolff
Additional Arrangements: Wayne Strange, Taylor Ambrosio Wood, David Peacock, Patti Rudisill, Kristin Naigus

Performed by: Slovak National Symphony Orchestra
Music Recorded in the Slovak Radio Concert Hall
Orchestra Conducted by Allan Wilson
Orchestra Manager: Marian Turner
Orchestra Recorded by Peter Fuchs
Recording Manager: Paul Talkington
Recording Assistant: Martin Roller
Music Editing by Eric Wegener
Recordings Mixed by Satoshi Mark Noguchi
Assistant to Mixing Engineer: Colleen Lutz
Music Mastering by Dale Becker
Music Mastered at Becker Mastering
Mastering Assistant: Mandy Adams

Legal: Gandhar Savur / Savur Threadgold LLP

Solo Performances:
Piano: Augustine Mayuga Gonzales
Mallet Percussion: Doug Perry
Guitars: Jake McCoy
Winds: Kristin Naigus
Flute: Laura Intravia
Cello: Nicholas Gold
Violin: Patti Rudisill
Organ: Tim Stoney
Voice FX: Wayne Strange

Album Artwork: Lekso Tiger and Houston Hanna
Album Design: Houston Hanna
Kickstarter Artwork: mnstrcndy
Kickstarter Logo: Suz Alphin
Photo Editing: CYEALA

Special Thanks: Wayne Strange, Taylor Ambrosio Wood, Doug Perry, Jake McCoy, Patti Rudisill, Kristin Naigus, Augustine Mayuga Gonzales, David Peacock, Chad Seiter, Susie Benchasil Seiter, Jeron Moore, Jayson Napolitano, Braxton Burks, Scott Redig, Lauren Liebowitz, Steve Thiriot, Sauraen, Jon Gibson, Amanda White, Peter Lam, Jacob Pernell, Sarina Pernell, Zelda Universe, iam8bit, Kickstarter, BackerKit, Loudr, Nintendo, Pony, Rusty Powers, CD Baby.

Eric Buchholz

The Travelers

The Travelers cover VGM favorites and obscure selections in European folk arrangements of various styles from Celtic, Nordic, and Slavic traditions. Their membership includes players of a broad variety of instruments from many different parts of the world. For those who love Yasunori Mitsuda’s Millennial Fair and his Xenogears CREID album you will be treated to something that embraces the source yet presents something fresh in a live acoustic setting. Featuring members from the Materia Collective, Triforce Quartet, and Tetrimino, The Travelers is a supergroup of some of the most passionate performers and arrangers seeking to bring a unique acoustic experience unlike anything before. So sit back, enjoy a drink, and be transported to a unique aural experience of battles, epic journeys, knights, sinister queens, and lands of your best gaming memories.


released January 27, 2017

Josh Barron: Producer
Masha Lepire: Co-producer
Ian Martyn: Special Thanks
Sebastian Wolff: Licensing
Skitch: Mastering Engineer
Val Choung: Album art

Full credits: www.materiacollective.com/music/the-travelers

The Travelers VGM

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

Soundtrack to Masqeurada: Songs and Shadows
released October 25, 2016

musical score by
Josh Whelchel


every woodwind ever
Kristin Naigus

Patti Rudisill

trumpet, french horn, flügelhorn
John Robert Matz

Dan Byrne-Mccullough

Ryan C. Connelly
Danielle Messina

masquerada choir

Isaac Selya

Molly Hanes
Jackie Stevens
Amanda Appiarius

Audrey Walstrom
Danielle Messina
Melinda Hershey

Ryan C. Connelly
M. Andrew Jones
John Overholt

Daniel Scofield
Michael Young

Jacob Kincaide

choir recorded at
Audio Grotto in Newport, KY
eng. by Cattle Dog Studio

album art by
Amanda Appiarius @ appiarius.com

Josh Whelchel

Tribute Album 64

“As soon as Colleen and I realized that the Nintendo 64 was turning 20 this year, we knew exactly what the subject of our next compilation album was going to be. For us, and I’m sure for many of the contributors involved, playing the Nintendo 64 for the first time was an unbelievable experience. I’d been a gamer all my childhood, but during that inaugural adventure through the vibrant and expansive world of Super Mario 64 on Christmas morning of 1996, I felt like we had reached the apex of human achievement. Obviously video games continue to reach new heights today, but at the time, that jump to 3D was so impressive it made a major impact on an entire generation of gamers. One of the driving forces behind the timelessness of these games is the music. Some of the most beloved themes in all of video game history were born on this console from the minds of great composers like Koji Kondo, Grant Kirkhope, Robin Beanland, Kazumi Totaka, Graeme Norgate, and so many others. We’re incredibly thankful for the astounding number of talented bands and artists that have teamed up with us to pay tribute to the music of this iconic system, and I personally couldn’t be happier with the result. Be sure to check out the contributors’ websites for more great music (and the same goes for the original composers). Enjoy, and thanks for listening!”
— Ian Luckey, Producer

DISC 1: FOREST – Classical/Acoustic (Tracks 1-21)
DISC 2: WATER – Electronica/Folk (Tracks 22-40)
DISC 3: UNDERGROUND – Jazz/Big Band (Tracks 41-55)
DISC 4: SKY – Rock/Prog (Tracks 56-69)
DISC 5: DUNGEON – Metal/Punk (Tracks 70-87)


released September 29, 2016

A Patient Corgi Production

Mastering by Erik Peabody (Viking Guitar)

Artwork by Patricio Thielemann (Pokérus)

Sara Abernethy, Juan C. Acosta, Rambam Agababayev, Sam Agnew (Sagnewshreds), Ben Alexandré, Alvin Almazan, Tom Altobelli (Mario), Bill Angelini, AoS, Leo Bae, Anthony Ballard, Chris Bardolph, Geoff Barone, Josh Barron, Mercedes Beckman, Erich Beckmann (ErichWK), Andre Beller (pingosimon), Ron Bertolet, Caty Bishop, Christophe Blondel (CarboHydroM), Sam Bobinski (Slambob), Bonnie Bogovich, Daniel Brakke (Photo Man), Rachel Brick (IceRequiem), Tom Brooks (Axe Deadeye), Chris Bruder (Toad), Jesse Buddington, Baba Z Buerger, Aaron Bullard, Sydney Carteris, Mauricio Castro , Nathaniel Chambers, Jordan Chin, Austin Colden (Zero Nimbus), Anton Corazza (Detective Tuesday), Josh Cortese, Mike Costigan, Ken Crouch (Hat), Darby Cupit, Alex Dobson, Chris Doughty, Bijan Eghtesady (Melancholy Robot), Younes Elbayad, Joel Everett, Mike Fahie, Orie Falconer, Jason Farrell, Andrew Filipski, Danny Flam, Jake Foster, Felipe Fournier, Brad Fox, Mitch Friedman, Milo Fultz, GabOcarina96, Álex Garcigregor, Kayla Gautereaux, Karl Germ, Gal Gershovsky, Tyler Goertzen (Link), Nicholas Gold, Jonathan Gonzales, Martin Green, Austin Green (Katamari), Gryzor87, Brandon Guillot, Erik Gustafson (Meta-Man), H3lios, Dave Hampton, Cory Harbak (DemonStray), Ian Harshman, Fredrik Häthén, Lauragrace Havens, Allan Heppner, Josh Herzer, Jim Highland, Cierra Hill (Ayalisse), Ron Hilley, Chris Hobson, James C. Hoffman, Chris Holland, Ben Holms, Will Hotaling, Thomas Houlden, Sam Hoyt, Kris Huber (Kroth), Steph Ishihara, Seth Itari (SETH), Cory Johnson, Ivan Karlovic, Michael Keire, Yusef Kelliebrew (Vacillit), Vera Kemper, Peter Kim (in theory), Michael Klein, Mason Kline, Andreas Kotsamanidis (Snappleman), Andrew Kreysa, Patrick Kulikowski (VGdrum), Mark Lago, Emmanuel Lagumbay, Ulf Langsrud (Uncle & the Bacon), Dario LaPoma, Kenny Lee, Dan Lehner, Sean Lenhart, Masha Lepire, Levi Lesin, Lauren Liebowitz (Lauren the Flute), Ryan Limbeck, Allissoon Lockhart, Ian Luckey, Megan Maher, Stephen Malcolm-Howell (Malcos), Matheus Manente, Angel Mannion, Diego Marquez, Ian Martyn, Diego Matas, John Robert Matz, Chelsea McBride (Princess Daisy), Jeff McGowan, Chris McKnight, Wilson McLeish (Luigi), Nino MegaDriver, Luis Melgar, Paul Mella (Juja), Stephanie Miller, William Milne (Girlz Melon), John Milner, Scott Mitchell, Mike Montemarano (Monte), Nick Montemarano, John Montoya, Joanne Moo, Shawn Mouacheupao (Paperboy), Ellie Mout, Daniel Moyer, Rick Mullikin, Ryan Munz (MunzadetH), Corey Myers, Michaela Nachtigall (Mklachu), Kristin Naigus, Damian Nguyen, Max Noël (Wild_Cat), George Nowik (norg), Justin Olejnik, Maiko Olson, Ryan Olson (kisthekids), Trent Otter, Zio Oxview, Erik Peabody (Viking Guitar), AJ Peacox, Josh Pendlebury, John Pike, Chris Porter, Ryan Postlethwait (Mega Beardo), Tim Poulin, Kenny Reichelderfer Jr. (KReichJr), Reven, Charles Ritz, Francis Roberts (FRANCIS), Tiago Rodrigues, Daniel Romberger, Elly Roseberry, Mitch Rosenthal, Tim Rosko, Rozen, Patti Rudisill, George Saenz, Felipe Salinas, Kyle Sawaia, Sean Schafianski, Cynthia Schatoff (Darmock), Chad Schwartz, Eledu Selektah, Dustin Shomer (Dasaten), Merlin Showalter, Sirenstar, Leslie-Anne Snipes, Julian Spillane, Andre St-Denis, Andrew Steffen, Andrew Stern, Brandon Strader, SwigglesRP, Joshua Taipale, Chris Taylor, Justin Taylor, Emily Thompson (emb0t), Nolan Tsang, Tom Tulotta, Emcee Vaigor, John Van Duinen, Frankie Van Hooser, Sam Vanorny, Travis Vengroff (Careless), Mike Villalobos (Lobos), Robby Vocke, Ben Wallace, Libby Weber, Eric Wettstein, Anne Whattoff, Kurt Wong, Evangelina Woo, Tim Yarbrough, Kelsey Young, Paul Young, Maiko Z, Jason Zaffary (Midee), Michael Zucker


Patient Corgi

Chrono Trigger: Music for Twenty-Five Games

Twenty-Five Games for My Son is a video series by Randy Yasenchak at Elder-Geek.com. This album “Chrono Trigger: Music for Twenty-Five Games” is a cover of Yasunori Mitsuda’s 1995 masterpiece soundtrack. It was arranged and performed in collaboration by professional musicians Kristin Naigus, Patti Rudisill, HyperDuck SoundWorks, Ryan Ike, TenchuX, John Robert Matz, Jacob Pernell, Justin Marshal Elias, and Joshua Kaplan.

This episode of Twenty-Five Games can be found on Elder-Geek’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/playli…

Kristin Naigus – https://www.youtube.com/user/f…

Patti Rudisill – https://www.youtube.com/user/V…

tenchux – https://www.youtube.com/user/t…

HyperDuck SoundWorks – www.hyperduck.co.uk

Joshua Kaplan (Open Heart Sound) – http://OpenHeartSound.com

Ryan Ike – http://ryanike.com/

John Robert Matz – www.johnrobertmatz.com

Jacob Pernell – www.jacobpernell.com

Justin Marshall Elias (Secret Piano) –

Album art by Phil Summers –

Chrono Trigger: Music for Twenty-Five Games is an album by Justin Marshall Elias, HyperDuck SoundWorks, Patti Rudisill, John Robert Matz, Ryan Ike, tenchux, OpenHeartSound, Kristin Naigus & Jacob Pernell containing 39:33 minutes of music.

Various artists

MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII Remixed

Materia Collective is pleased to present MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII Remixed, a massive five-disc remix project celebrating the announcement of Square Enix’s highly-anticipated remake of one of the most beloved role-playing games of all time, Final Fantasy VII. Following in the spirit of other community remix projects such as those from OverClocked ReMix, Zelda Reorchestrated, and others, Materia Collective has gathered nearly 200 musicians from around the globe, including renowned remixers, performers, YouTube personalities, and composers working in the videogame industry to pay tribute to Nobuo Uematsu’s timeless soundtrack.

“MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII Remixed is the album we have always wanted to exist,” comments album producer and Materia Collective founder Sebastian Wolff. “It is more than a cover album; it is a collection of individual musical tributes from nearly 200 artists, collaborating to create a massive five-disc tribute to one of the most beloved games and soundtracks of all time.”

To this day, Final Fantasy VII remains a fan favorite for its in-depth story, wide cast of characters, and its memorable soundtrack. Listeners will enjoy every track from Final Fantasy VII remixed, arranged, and re-imagined across a variety of genres, including the cinematic and beautiful “Main Theme from Final Fantasy VII,” the tribal “Cosmo Canyon,” the laid back “Costa del Sol,” the heartbreaking “Aerith’s Theme,” and the epic final battle theme, “One-Winged Angel” along with all the rest. Featured artists include composers Will Roget, II (Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris), Jeff Ball (TimeSpinner), Dale North (Dragon Fantasy Book II), Francisco Cerda and John Robert Matz (Gunpoint), Kyle Landry, Smooth McGroove, Laura Intravia, String Player Gamer, Doug Perry, Kristin Naigus, Rozen, Videri String Quartet, Triforce Quartet and many more. For more information about Materia Collection, their debut album, MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII Remixed, and the artists involved, please visit Materia Collective’s official website:


About Materia Collective:

Materia Collective started on whim, sparked by the excitement of the Final Fantasy VII remake announcement during E3 2015. Within a week, a project was on the go to produce and release a tribute album by October – a tight deadline for a varied pool of composers, producers, remixers, arrangers, and performers. Materia Collective is on a mission to unite artists in creative pursuits, and produce high-quality musical releases. Learn more: http://www.materiacollective.com

Materia Collective

Ocarina of Time: Music for Twenty-Five Games

Twenty-Five Games for My Son is a video series by Randy Yasenchak at Elder-Geek.com. This album “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” is a cover of Koji Kondo’s 1998 masterpiece soundtrack. It was arranged and performed in collaboration by musicians Kristin Naigus and Patti Rudisill.

This episode of Twenty-Five Games can be found on Elder-Geek’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/playli…

Ocarina of Time: Music for Twenty-Five Games is an album by Kristin Naigus & Patti Rudisill containing12:44 minutes of music.

Kristin Naigus & Patti Rudisill

Latin Dreams

This is the Nexus Chamber Orchestra’s debut CD featuring works from and inspired by Latin America. All works were arranged for chamber orchestra by Nexus members Conni Ellisor and Patricia Rudisill. Ms. Ellisor also wrote a new composition for this album that was inspired by Latin America entitled “Tres Danzas de Vida”. The soloist for both Piazolla works is world-renowned cellist Sara Sant’Ambrogio. For more information on the Nexus Chamber Orchestra please visit www.NexusChamberOrchestra.org.

Nexus Chamber Orchestra