Nazareth: Classic Brazilian Dances (String Quartet)

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arr. by Patricia Rudisill
ensemble: String Quartet
genre: Classical, Latin
format: PDF set of parts (vln 1 & 2, viola, cello)

This is a collection of four of Brazilian composer Nazareth’s classic piano pieces, arranged for string quartet. A fun mix of various Brazilian dance forms, including Brazilian tango and waltz!

Classic Brazilian Dances by Ernesto Nazareth, arranged for string quartet by Patricia Rudisill. Each movement is 2-4 min in length, total collection is approx. 13’00. Advanced level, challenging for advanced students but readable for pros with minimal rehearsal. Some tricky rhythms and high positions in first violin part. Includes 1 set of parts.


  1. Odeon 2:26
  2. Sarambeque 1:59


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Song list:
Brejeiro (Tango)
Odeon (Tango)
Eponina (Valsa)
Sarambeque (Tango)